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Chandler Evans OEM Manufacturer of Aircraft fuel pumps
Commercial Airbus, Aircraft Fuel Pumps, Oem fuel pumps for aircraft, Airplane fuel pumps
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Chandler Evans Fuel Pumps

Above The Line Advertising, B2B Advertising
About This Project



Chandler Evans Fuel Pumps, OEM

National B2B Advertising in Aviation Week Magazine


We Set High Standards From Our Terminal To Yours.


Creative Design Layout / Print Production /
Lead background image purchased from stock house / Client provided inset images


BCB Group Marketing Agency: Art Director for three years, responsible for design development, photo shoots, mechanical art, and print supervision.




Won The Harvey Communications Award for Highest Readership recall score in Aviation Week Magazine history with 80% recall seeing and 45% recall reading. Issue average is 64% and 34%.


Aviation Week Ad Award PDF